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We have designed a new curriculum that is based on a 2 year cycle. Each pair of classes share an outside space, to extend the children's learning experiences and opportunities even further! Click here to see our new curriculum map



Our aim is that our children will be confident and competent readers and writers, by the time they leave St Mark's.  We believe that speaking and listening skills are key to the development of children's literacy skills, and we strive to create a language rich environment, to support the progress of all pupils.

In addition, we would like children to be keen and enthusiastic literacy learners who see reading and writing as pleasurable as well as useful.

We use the literacy framework to support the development, planning and teaching of literacy at St Mark's. You can find the statutory literacy programme of study at the Department for Education website. Here is the link:



At St Mark's, we strive to  establish consistent practice, progression and continuity in the teaching and learning of phonics and spelling throughout the school.  We differentiate phonics and spelling work according to the needs of pupils, so that pupils are given sufficient challenge at a level at which they can experience success.  

We use Read Write Inc to teach phonics.  Please click here for a  helpful link 

Our Literacy and Phonics policies can be accessed via the Policies section of the website.



‘Mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. These tools include logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways. …
Mathematics is a creative discipline. It can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a pupil solves a problem for the first time, discovers a more elegant solution to that problem, or suddenly sees hidden connections.’
(The National Curriculum 1999) 
We use the statutory programme of study for mathematics from the Department for Education website.  Please find the link below:
We have introduced Numicon and other apparatus and resources to maths learning, to encourage a hands on approach to the teaching of mathematics. Our maths policy can be accessed via the policies section of our website

RE at St Mark's

We believe in serving God and the community through the love of Christ, celebrating diversity and achievement, enabling creativity and raising self-esteem. We strive to provide quality learning experiences through a partnership that values Governors, parents, children and staff alike.

We are very proud to be a Voluntary Aided Church School, and our Christian ethos of support and high expectations permeates everything we do.   We use the Guildford Scheme of work as a framework for RE planning and teaching.  You can see our curriculum overview, if you click here.
There is further information on their website if you click here


It is a legal requirement for all registered pupils (apart from those whose parents exercise the right to withdraw) to “each day take part in an act of Collective Worship.” All acts of worship in Church Schools must be Christian in character, although it is very important to draw comparisons with other religions and cultural traditions. All assemblies should seek to develop children’s understanding of the Church and the role it can play in their lives; to develop their understanding of a Christian moral code and how it applies to them and all in our community; to teach about God’s love and to empower our pupils to feel that they have a special place in God’s Kingdom.
We use the Diocese of Leicester's Collective Worship guidance as a basis for our worship and adapt it to meet the needs of our community. A link to the scheme can be found by clicking  here.

Above all, Collective Worship at St Mark’s is sensitive to the needs and backgrounds of the community we serve.


We are very proud of our links with St George's Church in Kemp Town, and the children enjoy our celebrations in the church and Father Andrew's visits to the school!

SMSC at St Mark's

We understand that we account for only part of a child’s influences, but we believe that we should help our children to be well prepared for the world. We strive to ensure our children believe they can rise above  the challenges they face!

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PSHCE - Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education

The importance of PSHE education in for example preventing bullying, prejudice, substance misuse, sexual exploitation, unplanned teenage pregnancy and in contributing to positive physical, emotional and mental health and healthy relationships is increasingly recognised. Therefore, at St Mark’s CE Primary School PSHE education is a central part of our curriculum as it enables our pupils to build healthy friendships and relationships and keep themselves safe now and in the future. We believe that effective PSHE education supports the teaching of behaviour for learning, growth mind-sets and values and that it contributes to the wellbeing, safety and achievement of all pupils in this school.

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