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Following Mr Johnson making announcements about the changes and the further unlocking from 17th May here is an update  about how it will impact on us.

 As we move on the 17th May to Stage 3 of the Governments Roadmap the Department for Education have this week updated their guidance to schools in advance of this date.

There is much talk in the media about the roadmap and changes however the reality is for schools and particularly Primary Schools much stays the same.

In summary- there is little if any change to what we will be doing at the current time.

It is still essential that we keep a large amount of the measures that have to date kept us all safe and continue to keep us safe.

I feel it may be September 2021 before we return many things to how they used to be. We may decide that some of the new measures are in fact even better.

The new 72 page DfE guidance reminds school that it is still important that:

  • Anyone who displays symptoms or needs to self isolate does not attend the school.
  • Face coverings are still used where social distancing is not possible- so for us that is staff in school and at the school gate.
  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing is still essential
  • Enhanced cleaning still needs to take place.
  • Bubbles will remain to ensure we minimize contact and social distancing where possible.
  • Classrooms will remain organised as they are for now.
  • A staggered start and end of the day will remain in place.
  • Children will come to school wearing PE kit on PE day.
  • School uniform will remain “relaxed”.
  • All spaces in school will remain well ventilated- which with the summer weather is a blessing also.
  • Staff will still be lateral flow testing twice weekly.
  • Parents and the school still need to continue to report and manage possible cases and confirmed cases.
  • Parents need to ensure children attend school.
  • Holiday is taken during half terms and not school time.
  • The school will continue to offer remote education for those required to isolate due to Covid related issues.

Click here to see our guide to how we are keeping you safe during COVID-19.  It contains details on how we have prepared the school, and how we can help you and your family during this time.

Here is an overview of our key systems of control.  And you can see our full risk assessment, updated for the full opening of the school here.


 The narrative, using language such as “catch-up”, “falling behind” etc. is one of negativity, and I am determined that we do not fall in to this trap.  Language is so important to our perception and practice, and it will impact on the children and families, too.

 Now, more than ever, our school vision to “Let Your Light Shine” through our HERO values of HOPE, ENERGY, RESILIENCE and OPTIMISM will be what we need to pull together, as we embrace the challenging opportunity that the rest of the year, and beyond, will bring.

 Therefore, our recovery plan will be our “Time to Shine” plan. Time for us to shine, and time for us to make sure each and every child is given the opportunity, through our provision,  for their light to shine!

 There are likely to be a few changes and updates in the coming days however it is important that we give you as much as we can at this time so you can start your planning and also we can all start preparing the children for a return.  More detailed information will be posted on the website once the documents and plans have been confirmed and written up however the key information at this point is set out below.

 In summary- our plan is pretty similar to the one we had before lockdown.

 The biggest risk to all in school remains not what is happening in school but what is happening out of school. We therefore will be doing our best to manage this however need your support and cooperation.

 Parents will be asked to wear facemasks when dropping and collecting children and will be asked to socially distance, to drop and collect quickly at the agreed times- not waiting or hanging around and to ensure they are following the rest of the rules set out by the government outside of school.

You can see our latest Risk Assessment here.

This is our at a glance guide to how we are keeping the school safe.


All children will be expected back on Monday 8th March 2021.

Only children who have a medical reason (and provide proof) will be authorised not to attend.


Social distancing of 2 metres will be promoted.  Children will be grouped into Class Bubbles for the whole school day.


Parents will be asked to wait outside the school gate and arrive and pick up children and then leave immediately- no waiting.

We are finalising the timings and collection points with staff,  and we will share further details over the next couple of days. 


Anyone displaying symptoms or requiring to isolate will not be allowed to attend school.

In the event of a confirmed case Bubbles will be closed and children will be required to isolate for 10 days at home and Remote Learning will be set daily

Handwashing and sanitising will take place for all children at regular points.

Windows and doors will be opened to provide good ventilation, with opportunities for “purging” air at key points.

Enhanced cleaning will take place across the school.

Staff will wear facemasks in communal areas.


ALL staff are asked to lateral flow test twice a week.

Children will not be tested in school.

School staff have not yet been prioritised for vaccinations.

All households with school aged children will be provided with lateral flow tests.  We are awaiting further guidance on this.


Breakfast Club and After School Club can be booked as normal.  There is a limit of 10 children for each.

School Meals are provided as normal.

Packed lunch boxes and water bottles allowed.

Children are expected to wear school uniform.

PE kit to be worn to school on day of PE.

1 bag is allowed per child along with a hat/coat- if required.

No trips at the current time.

No clubs at the current time.


Teach an ambitious, enjoyable and broad curriculum in all subjects.

Focus on less screen based learning and more hands-on creative activities, including sports and outdoor learning.

Chance to enjoy lots of phonics and reading, vocabulary, writing and mathematics.

Focus on Well Being and a chance to enjoy re-connecting with friends, staff and school routines.

Statutory Assessments have been cancelled eg SATS.

 REMOTE LEARNING– Google Classroom

Used in the event of Bubble Closure/ further lockdowns.

Homework will be communicated on here.


Contact the school via the office by phone or email.

Weekly Update posted on school website.

 Thank you for your ongoing support, we remain ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and we want to carry on listening to your ideas. To help us as we move to our TIME TO SHINE plan, please take the time to complete the survey, so we can take on board your thoughts. Follow this link.


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Click here to see our guide to how we are keeping you safe during COVID-19.  It contains details on how we have prepared the school, and how we can help you and your family during this time.

 What do I do if my child is unwell?

We expect all of the children to be in school. If your child is unwell, please follow the guidance hereYou can also find our FAQ information for a quick reference guide here.

 Drop off and Collection Arrangements

We ask that you leave the drop off and collection points as soon as you have dropped off, or picked up your children, to limit congestion.  Remember gates are open between 8.40am and 8.50am.  

Mrs Fendley and Miss Moulson will be at the gates to ensure the children arrive and leave safely.  If you have any messages for teachers, or wish to speak with a member of staff,  Mrs Sellins is available on the South Gate.

 Please see our message to visitors here.

If you have any questions, please email

 You can find the latest statement from the Local Authority here.

Travelling to school

We encourage our community to walk, or cycle to school whenever possible.  We advise against car sharing. If you must use public transport, please see the latest guidance from Brighton and Hove Buses here.

Is the school open?

The government has said children and young people in all year groups should return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term. St Mark's is OPEN.

You can see the DFE's most current information and guidance here.

We will be updating this information as we receive updates from the government. Please see our most recent communication to parents/carers in the file list below.

How can I explain the situation to my children?

Please look at this social story which explains the Coronavirus to children in a clear and simple way:

There is useful guidance here on how to explain the Coronavirus to children with autism:

and here

Follow this link, for Coronavirus information translated in to different languages:


Where can I access food banks?

East Brighton Food Co-operative : Call 01273 885068 if you or someone you know needs a freshly cooked meal, 7 days a week. Or a food parcel delivered (Thursdays).

The Brighton Table Tennis Club, The Fitzherbert's Centre | 36 Upper Bedford Street | Brighton | BN2 1JP. Info is here - People can just turn up between 1-4pm 7 days a week to the carpark from St George's Terrace. Or if they want delivery they can email or call the club 01273 670145 when the club is open.

See this flyer for further information. 

How can I help my child with their learning at home if their bubble is closed?

Follow this link to find out about how we are supporting learning o our school website, here.

How can I keep my child safe on line?

This page has been created by CEOP to support parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. Each fortnight, we will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.

How can I contact the school?

You can email your child's teacher on the class email address eg . Mrs Fendley and Miss Moulson also access these accounts. or the school office .  If you need help, you can also contact Mrs Sellins on

The school office is manned during school time: 01273 605588.

How can I manage my family’s worries?
We are aware that pupils / students are feeling understandably anxious about coronavirus.  As parents and carers you may want to repeat the messages above and support your child to
manage any difficult feelings. If your child is struggling with anxiety about this or other things you may  find these links helpful:
This website provides helpful information to support adult wellbeing:

What if I have other worries if the school is closed?
If you are worried about your child’s mental health and wellbeing, please contact the Primary Mental Health Worker on 01273 293331 or CAMHS 0300 304 0061 or go direct to GP or A&E
Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service
If you are worried about a child’s safety call Front Door For Families on 01273 290400
If you are worried about your own wellbeing, contact The Samaritans on 116 123
Children who are worried can call Childline on 0800 1111
If you are having financial difficulties and in need of food, there is the local food bank or call 07941 397648 or
If your child has SEND and you are worried, contact AMAZE:
If you are already working with other services, please keep them informed of your situation eg social workers, health visitors and school nurses. They will all be happy to help.

If you are suffering domestic abuse, please go to the Rise website:  or call 999

 If you need support you can still call the RISE helpline 9-5 Mon-Fri on 01273 622 828. Out of hours please call the 24-hour National Domestic abuse helpline on 0808 2000247. You are not alone 

We have also updated our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy to ensure this remains a top priority throughout this time.  This can be seen here.

The school nurse service is able to offer advice during school closure please see attached information here and text 07480 635423  if you need their help.



 To gain an understanding of why we continue to keep the doors and windows open in school you may want to read this article from the Spanish Media about how Covid is spread in different environments. 

As you can see it is important that we maintain good ventilation- even in winter months.  We are gathering warm, waterproof coats, please let us know if you require any extra layers!

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