Implementation – ‘Enlightenment Days’

RE is delivered in blocked sessions and RE days called ‘Enlightenment Days.’ At the start of each half – term, a whole unit from either Understanding Christianity or Emmanuel resources will be taught by each class in line with our long-term plan (see appendix 1). In addition, Enlightenment Days will be held across the school to cover religious festivals such as Diwali, Eid and Christmas. The expectation is that a minimum of 5% of curriculum time is allocated to RE. This equates to the following:


RE teaching and learning

Collective Worship

Christian meditation



36 hours per year, integrated into relevant strands of the EYFS

20 mins daily

1 – 3 mins daily

Key Stage 1

36 hours per year

20 mins daily

1 – 3 mins daily

Key Stage 2

45 hours per year

20 mins daily

3 – 5 mins daily

Time is allocated in each class before lunch to say Grace. Bible stories will be read and/ or re-enacted using story bag props and reflection activities are weekly.


We have introduced Christian Meditation daily in school. we use these positive affirmations in our sessions.  Please take a look at our power-point presentations above, and if you would like to see a session in action, please arrange this via the school office.