In line with the philosophy and ethos of St Mark’s CE Primary School our approach to behaviour is based on inclusion, self-respect as well as respect and empathy for others. All within the school community are expected to have an understanding of their rights and their responsibilities towards each other and their environment. This policy aims to promote self-esteem and resilience through recognition and rewards, however all members of staff hold the boundaries and demonstrate high expectations for behaviour.

Every moment of every day at St. Mark’s is a learning opportunity, this includes both social and class based learning time. Therefore we plan carefully to ensure children learn a variety of skills for life.

As an attachment friendly school we adopt a secure base with a child-centred approach based upon the social and emotional development of a child. We focus upon each child’s stage of development, rather than their chronological age. We enable children to develop their skills to build healthy, supportive relationships with peers and adults alike. Through these relationships we can teach children to be resilient and responsible members of the community, building foundations for their future. We aim to support children to become intrinsically motivated.


Bullying is not tolerated in our school. However, we recognise that instances of bullying may occur and that actions will be taken in line with our Anti Bullying Policy. The school approach to bullying can be found within the school Anti-Bullying Policy. We have a robust recording system on CPOMS, which is regularly reviewed and identified support is given.


 In St Mark’s  CE Primary School we ensure that the children are happy and safe in school and treated fairly and equally. We expect all children to make good behaviour choices and demonstrate respect at all times to each other, and all staff and for staff to do the same.

2022-23 High Expectations for Learning policy HT.pdf .pdf