St Mark's CE Primary School


Welcome to St Mark's CE Primary School


We recently consulted with the whole school community to design a new logo and create a new distinctly Christian vision.  The community voted unanimously for "Let Your Light Shine" Matthew 5:16

Our headteacher and her dad designed a logo to encompass what we are all about here at St Mark's.

Our HERO values underpin our Christian ethos and were selected to reflect it.

We see the Dove as a sign of peace and hope, with loving hands that nurture our children. During their time with us, we give them the energy and resilience to take risks with their learning and the self belief to let their light shine throughout their lives.

This is what the children have said:

“When we look on the bright side, we discover we have wings.” 

“If you’re lost in the darkness, go inside and grab your light, let it shine and be your own shining star!” 

“When you’re in the dark, bring the light out of your body.” 

“Jesus is the hands and the dove is the Holy Spirit and they guide us.”