We are excited to be sharing our worship as a whole school once more.  It is a legal requirement for all registered pupils (apart from those whose parents exercise the right to withdraw) to “each day take part in an act of Collective Worship.” All acts of worship in Church Schools must be Christian in character, although it is very important to draw comparisons with other religions and cultural traditions. All assemblies should seek to develop children’s understanding of the Church and the role it can play in their lives; to develop their understanding of a Christian moral code and how it applies to them and all in our community.

Above all, Collective Worship at St Mark’s should be sensitive to the needs and backgrounds of the community we serve.

Themes are designed to develop a sense of shared values and achievements.  All Worship should follow the worship structure, which you can see below. 


We wrote a school prayer that is shared in every worship.  The children also write their own prayers and place them in the prayer box on the altar, to be shared in Worship.

CLASS PERFORMANCES:   KS2 classes lead a service and FS/KS1 classes present the Christmas Nativity. These are based on the work the class have been doing or on the termly assembly theme and all children should be involved in some way.  




We welcome the children with our call and respond:

Worship Lead:  "Jesus is the Light of the World." 

Children: "Let Your Light Shine"

I enjoy my Whole School Worship every Monday. I share Bible stories and introduce the Reflection Space activity for the week.

You can see the videos and examples of the Reflection Spaces below.

On Tuesdays the classes hold their Collective Worship in class, to xomplete the weekly Reflection Space Activity, as a meaningful response to Moday's worship.  On Wednesday I enjoy leading Singing Worship. On Thursdays, Miss McKenzie shares worship with the whole school,  linked to our weekly themes, and any special religious celebrations or international events that may be taking place.

On Fridays, we celebrate the children's achievements throughout the week, as we see how they have let their lights shine! Each bubble takes it in turns to join me in the hall, so we can recognise each other's achievements. We also invite parents and carers of the "Shining Stars of the Week" to join us..

You can see our Worship Calendar here.


You can see the videos of the Godly Play Walkabout Worship if you scroll down this page. I really enjoyed these sessions. During the second lockdown, I shared our Monday Celebration Worship through a video with all of the classes. The classes will all watch them at the same time, to hold on to the Collective Worship ethos. You can see the videos below.


Collective Worship Sequences


Reflection Space Activities

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Reflection Space Activites front page.doc


Week 1: "Let Your Light Shine".

Mrs Fendley shared our Bible passage Matthew 5:16

"In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven." The children then made their own lights to shine, making a promise of which of their lights they would shine. Their beautiful candles are in their reflection spaces. How will you let your light shine?

Week 2: HOPE: "The God of Hope gives us confidence with our learning."

Mrs Fendley shared our Bible story of Hope - "Moses the Secret Baby" Exodus 2:1-10. The children have a special job to do this week for their Reflections, they need to design our HOPE Avatar, for our new logo designs.  Here is a video of Mrs Fendley sharing the story with Reception Starfish. The children in Year One Dolphins learnt more about Moses, and in their outside learning, they made Moses puppets! They were very proud and told me how their favourite part was when he was placed in the basket on the river.

Week 2: ENERGY: "God's spirit gives us energy to do our best in all things."

This week, I shared the story of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho (Joshua 6: 1-20).  

Dear God,

Give us the energy and enthusiasm to know that if we always try our hardest, we can achieve great things,


Week 3: RESILIENCE: "God's love gives us the strength to take risks."

This week, I shared the story of Moses and the Great Escape Exodus 14.  

Dear God,

Give me strength when I find things difficult, to keep on going and never give up.



Week 4: OPTIMISM: "Through Jesus the Light of the World, we have faith in our success."

This week, I shared the story of Joseph the Dreamer: Genesis 37-50.  

Dear God,

I ask for your help to give me faith to be the best that I can be.



Week 5: "The Lord's Prayer" Luke 11:2

Prayer is a gift from God. Jesus prayed all of the time, in the morning, at bedtime. He prayed for his friends and those who were called his enemies.  Prayer brings us closer to God. One of Jesus’ friends asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. We find this in the Bible: Luke 11:2

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory.

Now and forever



This week, the children will be listening to the parable of the farmer sowing his seeds (Matthew: 13: 1-24). Each class will create their own Thankful Tree, to compliment the whole school one you can see in the foyer.



On the first day back after half term, we spoke about All Saints Day, especially St Mark - our special school Saint. The video was shot by one of our Y6 apprentice camera operators, you may ned to toggle your screen!


A favourite with us all! You can see Miss Livingston's Musical Reflection Worship below, along with the children's prayers in response to their reflections.  We look forward to sharing the children's responses at St George's Church.

You can see the first term's powerpoints below.


Here they are for this half term:

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For the Energy Musical Reflection, Miss Livingston shared Vivaldi's "The Seasons".  

  • Today the music you hear is about Spring, it is full of energy depicting the busy season when all has awakened from winter sleep
  • Your creative activity is to draw a spring picture.
  • As you draw, think about something you have achieved through energy. Write it at the bottom of your picture. It could be something big or something small.