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At St. Mark’s we strive to create an enriching curriculum that will support children developing a love for learning. We aim to spark a passion for History through our interesting topics and the experiences we provide them. At the beginning of each topic the children take part in a Stunning Start and end the topic with a Fabulous Finish, engaging them in the subjects through fun and practical activities. 


We have aspects of History  flowing through our topics! Each year group engage in map work for each topic which progresses throughout their time here at St. Mark’s. 



Unit Quizzes Pupils complete a  quiz at the start and end of a unit. This demonstrates which key knowledge has stuck and which learning has been forgotten. This information then informs our next steps in teaching and learning. 
Pupil Conferencing We conduct pupil conferencing regularly and expect children to be able to talk confidently about what they are learning. Leaders use knowledge organisers to support these discussions so that 
key knowledge and vocabulary can be explored. 
Books Children demonstrate their learning and progress through their individual subject books. Children have pride in their learning and books will demonstrate a clear learning journey from the start to the end of each unit.