The narrative, using language such as “catch-up”, “falling behind” etc. is one of negativity, and I am determined that we do not fall in to this trap. Language is so important to our perception and practice, and it will impact on the children and families, too.

Now, more than ever, our school vision to “Let Your Light Shine” through our HERO values of HOPE, ENERGY, RESILIENCE and OPTIMISM will be what we need to pull together, as we embrace the challenging opportunity that the rest of the year, and beyond, will bring.

Therefore, our recovery plan will be our “Time to Shine” plan. Time for us to shine, and time for us to make sure each and every child is given the opportunity, through our provision, for their light to shine!


As a team, we created our St Mark's HERO Curriculum, to ensure that we deliver a responsive Recovery Curriculum that identifies, and meets, the needs of every child. In the first two weeks, this will be our timetable and learning opportunities.